By Linda Carroll contributor
updated 9/29/2011 10:34:29 AM ET 2011-09-29T14:34:29


People try to slim down for a lot of reasons, but Kari Roberts may have one of the best — losing weight has given her a chance to save her brother’s life.

Her brother, Tony Bolda, needed a new kidney to survive. But Roberts was told she wouldn’t even be considered as a kidney donor because she weighed 320 pounds. And that made her a poor candidate for surgery of any kind, much less one that involved donating a kidney, as her extra weight was straining her kidneys already.

Roberts’s brother was the one who broke the news to her.

“I told him I wanted to be tested and he informed me that they wouldn’t even consider me until I lost some weight,” Roberts told TODAY’s Ann Curry.

That was three years and 135 pounds ago.

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