Stephen R. Kemp, II

Stephen Kemp, II spoke to a community group at the Farwell Middle School in Detroit about the prevalence of diabetes among African Americans.  His presentation included diabetes education as well as tips for living with diabetes.

No, Stephen is not diabetic himself, however he has lived and been around diabetes all of his life.  His mother Jacquie, a Type 1 diabetic, spent an hour every Monday and Wednesday of her pregnancy in her high risk obstetrician’s office from the time she was 11 weeks pregnant until she delivered a blood sugar normal baby at 36 weeks. She also carried her insulin and a meal to work and kept necessary diabetic supplies in the car so that she could make the treck from work to Stephen’s after school soccer, football or lacrosse. Stephen learned early how to cure an insulin reaction with orange juice.His Type II maternal grandmother picked him up from school many days when his parents were at work.  She taught him the importance of snacks–and lots of snacking they did together.  It was their relationship and his understanding of her diabetes that at the tender age of 6 made him insist that his dad not drive off when his grandmother didn’t come to the door when Stephen rang the doorbell one morning.  When she didn’t answer, he ran to the location of the secret key, opened the door and disarmed the alarm.  Stephen ran to her bedroom where he found his grandmother lying on the bedroom floor.  He yelled to his father who followed behind him, to call 9-1-1.  Paramedics were able to give her instant glucose and arouse her from a bad insulin reaction.  This heroic moment was recognized not only by family, but the American Red Cross. Stephen received an An Everyday Hero medal at an awards banquet from the American Red Cross.

Stephen’s Type II paternal grandfather now depends on him to program cell phones and pick out new cars.Stephen explained to the community group the importance of glucose control and how he watches his diabetic family members do well to manage blood sugars as well as problems they’ve run into.  His presentation also included handouts from the American Diabetes Association and  included a healthy meal that followed. The group organizer asked Stephen to ask God’s blessings upon the meal.