This month, May 30, 2017 will mark 15 years of living with a pancreas transplant.  As a young girl growing up with diabetes, I never imagined NOT taking insulin, managing my blood sugar and counting what I ate.  After all, it’s how I grew up, doesn’t everybody wake up, shower, put on deodorant, take a shot and eat breakfast?

Turns out, no they don’t. And in this past 15 years I’ve found lots of things to do instead of manage diabetes: 

  • Eat breakfast earlier

  • Leave the house earlier

  • Wear shorts without the embarrassment of bruises

  • Ok, not wear a mid drift shirt.

  • Go out to lunch or dinner without having to test or take a shot in the restaurant.

  • Exercise without the fear of hypoglycemia

  • Have a hot fudge sundae 

  • No more keeping glucose tablets for “just in case”

  • My gums and teeth are healthier

  • My feet and hands are warmer

  • Sores heal faster